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In "Night of the Hog-Jackers" the message to young people is to stand firm and not go along with the crowd when situations start to feel dangerous or wrong—whether at a youth group event, a school function, or any other situation. Youth workers are also reminded to plan carefully and make sure they have ample supervision to keep activities safe.

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Discussion Questions for Issue 2: "Night of the Hog-Jackers"

Get a jump start on your discussion. Use these questions to talk about Charlie's out-of-this-world situations and relate them to real-life dilemmas.View discussion questions»

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Attention Youth Workers!

Don’t be caught off guard at your next lock-in or other youth event like Manny and Lars in issue 2: Night of the Hog-Jackers. Brotherhood Mutual has a wealth of information that can help you prepare for a night filled with awesome-ness, minus the vile space hogs and injuries.

As Commander Talon says, "It’s easier to coax a crazed, eight-legged Tridakion mongoose into a hyperdrive shoot than control 50 teenage humans for an extended period of time."

Translation: in order for your next youth lock-in to be a success, you need to be prepared. Fortunately, we have what you need to get started. You’ll want to be sure you have adequate adult supervision, signed consent forms for every young person in your care, games and activities that are far from lame—and yet completely safe—and plenty of plans for what to do when the unexpected strikes.

Your night might not get hog-jacked, and there may not be any members of a Vile Space Hog Gang crashing your party, but you never know what might happen. In the words of our fearless hero, "The chances of mayhem increase exponentially with every additional member of the teenage species present."

Plan carefully, arm yourselves with plenty of caffeine (Manny and Lars got that one right), and get ready to feel the post-modern missional relevance course through your veins—er, we mean, have a great time!

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