Putting a Stop to Bullying

In issue 5, Battle with the Bully Brigade, the story follows two characters as they struggle to just be themselves. Finch is literally racing to beat his problems. Sarah is trying to get along and avoid confrontation. Both feel the wrath of the bully brigade. For Charlie's friends, bullying manifests in words, actions, online messages, and finally as a screaming asteroid hurtling toward Earth. If you're looking for a way to talk to kids about bullying, check out this issue.

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Discussion Questions for Issue 5: Battle with the Bully Brigade

Get a jump start on your discussion. Use these questions to talk about Charlie's out-of-this world situations and relate them to real-life dilemmas. View Discussion Questions.

Even More Resources

In addition to Charlie and his friends, Brotherhood Mutual has several other free resources that can aid your youth ministry in their discussions about bullying. Check out the following resources:



Sample Policies


Check out these websites for more information on how you can help put an end to bullying: