Teens and Texting

Whether at school, at home, or even youth group, situations present themselves and teens are faced with moral dilemmas that require them to make difficult choices. Our goal with this first issue of The Complicated World of Charlie Valor is to present an opportunity to start a dialogue about safe texting and how to handle difficult situations.

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Discussion Questions for Issue 1: Rise of the RumorBots

Get a jump start on your discussion. Use these questions to talk about Charlie's out-of-this-world situations and relate them to real-life dilemmas. View Discussion Questions»

Even More Resources

Deacon's Bench

In addition to Charlie and his friends, Brotherhood Mutual has several other free resources that can help your youth ministry safely communicate with the teens you serve, including "Teens Who Text," a recent issue of The Deacon's Bench newsletter. Download your copy today. (PDF 760K)

Check out the following articles on BrotherhoodMutual.com that offer safe texting guidelines as well:

Adopt a Texting Policy

In addition to these helpful articles, Brotherhood Mutual has created a sample texting policy and related consent forms that can be modified to suit your ministry. As with any sample policies or forms, please consult a local attorney before putting them into practice.

Take the CyberPurity Challenge

One final way to emphasize the importance of purity in all aspects of a person's life might be to challenge the young people involved in your youth ministry to sign a "CyberPurity" pledge. Similar to the vow that people take in sexual abstinence programs, students commit to remaining pure online, as well as in person.