Theft Prevention

In Issue 7, The Stolen Key of Montsarak, Charlie and his friends discover a thief is on the loose. Valuables are disappearing from church and school, everything from action figures and cell phones to digital cameras and laptops. Most importantly, the mysterious Key of Montsarak is missing! While the kids piece together who’s behind the string of thefts, Commander Talon is on a quest to recover the ancient key before it lands in the wrong hands. If you’re looking for a way to talk to kids about theft prevention and response, don’t miss this issue.

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Discussion Questions for Issue 7: The Stolen Key of Montsarak

Get a jump start on your discussion. Use these questions to talk about Charlie's out-of-this world situations and relate them to real-life dilemmas. View Discussion Questions.

Even More Resources

In addition to Charlie and his friends, Brotherhood Mutual has several other free resources about theft prevention. Check out the following resources: